Frequently Asked Questions! 

I want to learn magic! Where do I start?

I recommend books in terms of value for money. ‘Card College’ for card magic. Bobo’s Coin book is great for coin magic. Paul Harris’ books The Art Of Astonishment are excellent.
On the Spot and Off The Cuff by Gregory Wilson are awesome DVD’s on every day magic.
There’s also excellent value in Penguin Magic Live Lectures, and magic lectures in general.

How did you do [insert trick] here?

Sometimes in the descriptions of videos I have a thank you section where I thank magicians. If that’s the case, it may mean that the trick was created by that magician. A little bit of smart googling will find it. If you can’t find it, it’s either an original creation of mine, an unreleased effect from the performer, or I forgot to put the credit of the performer in the video.

I think I know how you did it - can you tell me if I’m right?

No, sorry. I don’t look at magic as a guessing game. And if you want to learn see the above.

Do you have any magic releases I can buy?

Not currently, however if you want to know if I ever do release something, click HERE.

I’m going to be in London, are you busking on X date?

Check my instagram @IsStevenBuskingToday to find out when I’m performing. I don’t tend to know if I’m performing until the morning of. So unfortunately I can’t answer that question. I normally try and work Saturdays and Sundays unless the weather is bad or I have other plans.

I want to try busking, any tips?