Live Shows

So ya wanna know where you can see me live and check what I'm doing just isn't a load of camera tricks? You've come to the right place!

Street Performing

Come and watch me perform LIVE on the street! 

I do not know in advance when I’m street performing. I pretty much only ever know on the day as it’s weather dependent amongst other things.

Follow @IsStevenBuskingToday on Instagram to find out when I’m doing a show.



I recently did a small run of close-up magic shows in a lovely cafe in Covent Garden.

If you’re interested in buying tickets for the next run, I email this list before advertising anywhere else. And they sell out fast.





Throwing a fancy party and want some top notch magic from a bearded bloke in a suit? Look no further!

I’m available for a 30-40 minute after dinner show. This show works for big audiences and small.

I also can be booked for mingling magic.