If you want to get in touch about any business opportunities, including brand deals for YouTube, performance enquiries, or anything else like that, contact me direct:

Please only use the above email address for business enquiries. I do not reply to non-business emails sent to that address.



I do try and spend as much of my time as possible performing magic, practicing magic, or working on new videos. As a result, I’m spending less and less time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc.

If you do want to get in touch with me directly, your best bet is to DM me on one of those platforms. My username is @StevenBridges for everything.

Unfortunately I can’t respond directly to questions about when I’m busking, as it’s largely dependent on weather. You best bet to find out if I’m performing is to check @isstevenbuskingtoday on Instagram.

If you have a question about how to get into magic or how a certain trick is done, please view my Q&A videos. I don’t expose magic on my channel, but if I do give resources on certain effects, it’s normally in the description or pinned comment.