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"Thank you so much for a fabulous performance on Friday. You quite clearly made the evening and I am sure everyone will be talking about your magic for a long time."  - Celia Stephenson, Private Dinner Party

"The feedback was very positive from all guests at the party and many were talking about you throughout the night and the next day back at work. Not only were the tricks really clever and jaw dropping but the way in which they were delivered was great, both fun and friendly." - The Metro, Christmas Party


"It was an absolute pleasure to have you perform, well worth your fee, and all my guests were effusive in their praise for you." - Mike Dodson, Private Party


"Everyone was delighted with his performance. He has presence and was confident and skilfulI would recommend him to anyone looking for a party entertainer, or to the arranger of corporate events." - Wendy Craig, Actress, Private Party



"I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wanted to see magic up close. You are personable, courteous and presented your magic very well and fluently and confidently and, like the other guests who were present, I have NO IDEA how you did what you did. We all marvelled at what you were able to do." - Antony Hayes, Private Dinner Party


"We checked out your website and saw how many views you have had and that seemed promising! End result was great, the guests at the party really enjoyed themselves and were entertainedI would recommend you to my colleagues as you entertained our guests and worked well with me and the team." - Quintessentially Events,  Private Party


"Would definitely recommend you to any group and everyone I spoke to would give you 5 stars." - Paul Dilworth, Private Party