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Restaurant Magician


Steven Bridges is a world class close-up magician that specialises in Restaurant Magic

Restaurant Magic is becoming a very popular form of entertainment. More and more restaurants are employing magicians to entertain their guests and help their venue stand out.

When performing at a restaurant, Steven goes from table to table and performs a series of mini-shows. This is normally after the customer has ordered their meal, but before it has arrived. Steven's magic provides a light hearted, classy form of entertainment, giving your guests a great experience before they enjoy their meal. This can be especially useful if there are delays in the kitchen, Steven can keep your guests entertained and they won't even notice if their food is taking a little longer to arrive.

One of the unique things about Restaurant Magic, is that it's a completely unobtrusive form of entertainment. Unlike a musician, where everyone has to listen to the music, a magician will only perform for the guests that wish to see some magic. Always polite and professional, Steven will never disturb guests that do not wish to see him perform. 

Magic gives a restaurant something a little different, increasing your customer experience and encouraging repeat customers. This is why many restaurants have booked Steven to perform regularly including Cafe Royal, The Playboy Club London, The Centre Of Britain Hotel, The Chargrill, and Heliot Stake House at The Hippodrome Casino. 

One of the things that sets Steven apart from other magicians is his large social media following. Having an audience of over 75,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, Steven regularly gets asked by his audience where he is next performing. Steven will happily share on social media where he's performing so his audience can come and see him perform. 

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